Admission into the Library and User's Guide


    No person may make use of the University Library unless he/she has signed an undertaking to observe the library rules and regulations, and has been issued with a Reader's Ticket. This ticket must be shown to any official of the Library on demand, who may prohibit entry to anyone unable to produce it.

   Registration must be renewed at the beginning of each Academic year. Library tickets are not transferable.

   The following are eligible to be registered as Readers in the University of Benin Library with the privilege of borrowing books, subject to the regulations on behalf of it.

   Members of the Junior Staff may not borrow books directly but loans can be made in special cases on the undertaking of their Head of Section who will take responsibility for them in case of loss, damage or outright destruction of such library material.

The following may also be admitted to University Library for purposes of study and reference but without the privilege of borrowing:

(a) All registered members of the Alumni Association of the University of Benin.

(b) Such other persons as may be admitted by the University Librarian on a temporary basis.

The Library opening hours for readers is as follows:

Monday - Friday = 8:00am - 8:00pm Saturdays = 8:00am - 3:30pm.
Sundays = 12:00noon - 6.00pm.

Main Library:
Monday - Friday = 8:00am - 3:30pm
Saturdays = closed
Sundays = closed

Branch Library: 
Monday Friday = 8.00am. 6.00pm.
The Library is closed on Public Holidays unless there is a prior notice to the contrary.

All Members of the University as may be defined in the Statutes i.e all members of the Academic, Administrative and Senior Technical Staff; such other persons as may be determined by the Library Committee or the University Librarian are eligibie to register.


All clientele to the library requires a current valid Library Identity Card to check-out materials from the John Harris Library. The management strongly recommends against loaning your Identity Card or your Library Materials to others. All financial responsibility for Library Materials will be charged to the Library Account of the person whose name is used to borrow Library Materials.

   If your Library Identity Card is lost or stolen, please notify the Circulation Desk. The cost of replacing a lost Identity Card is free, but you will require a Sworn Affidavit and a Police Extract to establish the authenticity of your claim. If you suspect theft please contact the Police, the Library and the University of Benin Security.

Staff and Students at the University of Benin and other Users with borrowing entitlement as soon as they are registered in the Library and obtain a Library Ticket are able to borrow as follows:
Staff (Academic and Non-academic) at the University of Benin - up to Ten (10) Books for Two (2) Weeks and up to Three (3) Months on special requests.

Post Graduate and Undergraduates Students at the University - Four (4) Books up to Two (2) Weeks.

For every book borrowed for use outside the Library, a Book Card must be signed and handed in at the Circulation Desk. The books shall then be stamped with the date due for return. The Reader signing for the book is responsible for its custody and return. All transactions must be made in person.

Books in the Reference Section, Textbook Collection and Books marked, “Reserved”, “Not for Loan” or “For Reference only” may not be removed from the Library. Books in Special Collections e.g. Official Documents, Old, Rare, Valuable or irreplaceable Works may only be borrowed with the express permission of the University Librarian and then only in exceptional cases.

Journals may not be removed from the Library except by special permission for a period not exceeding three (3) days. Serials stacks which contain back issues of Journals are not on open access except to members of the Academic Staff.

  Students are restricted to four (4) volumes on loan at any one time and the Senior Staff to ten (10) volumes. Penalties will be imposed for oyerdue, lost or damaged books according to the following scale:

(a) Overdue books: N5 per day up to a maximum of Thirty (30) days; thereafter N50.00 per week or part of a week. All loan privileges may be suspended after Thirty (30) days.

(b) Any book specially recalled by the University Librarian will attract a fine of N100 per day after the third day from the date of receipt of such notice.

(c) Books lost will be paid for at the prevailing cost of replacement or estimated value of the book to which will be added an administrative charge of 50% of the book cost. Readers must report cases of missing books promptly to stop the mounting of daily fines. All loan privileges will be suspended until fines or charges are paid.

(d) Estimated cost of repair will be charged for damaged books.

(e) Reference/Test Book Collection returned after 24 hours attract N50.00 penalty.
(f) Short loan N100 penalty or part of a day for 1 and 2 nights.

  The normal period of loan is Fourteen (14) days, provided that no other Reader requires the book. A loan may be renewed for a further period of Fourteen (14) days after which it must be returned to the Shelves. Long-Term Loan not exceedin g Three (3) months may be arranged for the Academic Staff on request for teaching purposes.

All books on loan to Undergraduate students must be returned on or before the last Monday of the last week of the Semester, or within Three (3) days of date of recall. All books on loan must be returned before the long Vacation for annual stock taking.

You can renew books you have borrowed as long as they have not been requested for by other Readers. If they have been requested for, the old Borrower should have to return the books. Oblige the new intending Borrower the privilege of borrowing the books while he/she (the old borrower) will have to patiently wait for two weeks before he/she can apply to borrow such books; assuming there are no multiple copies.

Once books are acquired and processed they are normally supposed to be on the Open Shelf. Condition does arise that would constrain the Librarian to put certain books on reserve. Such conditions are

(a) Lecturers who recommended such Text specifically request that the book be placed on reserve so that he could direct his Students to the use of the books.

(b) Books in very high demand with few or single copies are better kept on reserve.

(c) The Librarian can also reserve items that are out on loan by instructing the circulation staff to stop the issuance of an incoming book that has been over-due and is being recalled on request by another clientele.

   Be advised that as soon as you are done with the use of a borrowed book, go and immediately discharge the book and ensure it’s taken off your record. If such a book continues to be in the record against your name, not only will it attract overdue fines; if it is missing in the process you will be made to pay for its replacement.

Senior Staff of the University may borrow during the long vacation. This facility may be extended for Postgraduate Students with special permission.

 Sixty Carrels are available in the main library and may be allocated to Academic Staff on application to the Reference Librarian for a maximum period of one Semester at a time. Postgraduate Students with proven needs may be considered for allocation provided that such allocations shall not exceed twenty (20) cartels.

 However, as a result of abuse and lack of proper usage the carrels have been locked up.

All graduating students leaving the University must obtain a Clearance Certificate from the University Library before they can claim their entitlements from either the Bursary or Registry department before proceeding for their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).


(a) Silence must be observed in and around the Library. Brief cases, bags, waterproofs, umbrellas, etc may not be brought into the library but if brought into the library they must be left in the place provided at the owners’ risk.

(b) The use of mobile phone (GSM) is prohibited in the Library. No Reader may enter any part of the Library marked ‘Private’ or Reserved for Staff only’ unless by permission. There shall be no smoking in the Library.

(c) The use of any form of naked light including candles is strictly prohibited in the Library.

(d) Food and Drink are not allowed into the Library. This is because eating of any kind of food in the Library may attract rats, cockroaches and other insects into the Library, and these are enemies to the materials.

(e) When water is brought into the reading area of the Library, it is possible that such water might spill into the books thereby making the books to loose its strength and become brittle. So eating and drinking are not encouraged in the Library.

(f) Loitering in the Library especially with spiky shoes is capable of causing distraction to Readers who need a quiet atmosphere for study.

(g) Shelving of consulted books by readers is not encouraged as such work can only be done by experts who are trained to do such job. Readers are therefore advised to leave consulted materials on the tables after reading.

(h) Library Users are free to ask questions when in doubt of what to do. Such questions should be directed to the Reference Librarian or any Professional Librarian on duty.

(i) Reservation of seats is prohibited in the Library. Seats are meant for Students who are physically present, not ghost students who may be sleeping away in the hostel or at the market.

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